Ally Maughan for Thought Leadership Videos

December 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ally Maughan, Founder, People Puzzles

Why should People Puzzles win the Business Enabler Award 2022?

Ally Maughan: Hi, I'm Ally Maughan, and I'm the founder of People Puzzles. This award category was really exciting for us, because what we do is literally enable SMEs and mid sized businesses to grow and to achieve that, their business vision. So first of all, we look at, what is it that the business is even trying to achieve? Where do they want to go? And then how do we help them to plan and sort of bake that growth plan into how the business is run in order to make that growth a reality month by month as they go through the year and the years ahead. So we do that by helping to think about what the business idea is, what the vision is, what the goal is and then what the immediate one year plan is. And we do that by helping them to sort out what their KPI's are, what they can achieve this year, and then how they can sort out the things that maybe aren't going so well. So how do they sort out the departments that aren't functioning? How do they reduce waste? How do they bring in efficiencies into the business? So I hope you enjoy our entry

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