Glory Joshua for Pentecost day assemblies Video Testimonials

August 18, 2023

Christian and Jewish views

Video Transcript

Speaker: Glory Joshua, Prophet , Shekhinah Ministries

Who is Jesus Christ?

Glory Joshua: This is the manifestation of the non existing God. Here's the image of the invisible God is the messiah, the king of the Jews, the savior of the universe.

If you died today where would your spirit man go?

Glory Joshua: If I die today, if I die today, I will transcend uh to the afterlife where life continue in another life where the physical body has no impact by the inner man has impact where death has lost a grip where death may not, cannot again have a grip on us.

If you were given power to go back to your past, what would you change?

Glory Joshua: I was given the power to go back to my past. I would change nothing because everything is said to be. So we change nothing. We came to found the past and we lived it and we continue in the present and we hope for the future. So there's nothing to change. Everything is said to be and so be.

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