2023 Peninsula Bridge College Graduates

June 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jenni Sacor. Andrea Quintero. Samy Castañeda. John Wee. Santy Mendoza

Meet the incredible scholars that have grown and thrived with Peninsula Bridge from elementary to college graduation

Jenni Sacor: Hi, my name is Jenni Sacor. I just recently graduated from the University of Redlands and I double majored in Race and Ethic Studies and Sociology Anthropology with a minor in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies.

Andrea Quintero: My name is Andrea Quintero. I go to Sacramento State majoring in Sociology.

Santy Mendoza: Hi, my name is Santy Mendoza. I graduated from Harvard College studying Computer Science. And my plan after graduation is to work at Recidiviz, which is a nonprofit technology company that aims to help with the mass incarceration problem in America.

John Wee: Hi, my name is John Wee I graduated from UC Santa Cruz, studying Computer Science. After graduation, I'm working as an intern Software Developer.

Samy Castañeda: Hi, my name is Samy Castaneda I am graduating from Williams College with a degree in Political Science and Latina-Latino studies. And after college, I will be working as an Origination and Capital Markets Coordinator at Bertram Capital in Foster City.

What does being a first-generation college graduate mean to you?

Samy Castañeda: Being a college graduate means First of all, making my parents' dreams come true. They came to this country wanting for me to get an education that they didn't have an opportunity to So I'm so proud that I get to make their sacrifices worth it and make them come true. And being a college graduate also means having the opportunity to do anything. I'm really excited, now that I will have my degree, I feel like the world is open to me and I can really go into any field and start working in whatever interests me. So I'm, I'm really excited about

John Wee: To me, being a college graduate means that I've made both myself and my family proud. It also means that I can really start a professional career and be self sufficient.

Santy Mendoza: Being a college graduate means a lot to me because it means having the opportunity for financial independence, which is something that I feel like I've always wanted coming from an immigrant family, from a FGLI family. I feel like that's always something that was a goal. And another thing that being a college graduate allows me to have is the opportunity to pursue a career in something that I'm passionate about and something that I've spent a lot of years learning and furthering my studies in.

Jenni Sacor: To me being a college graduate means I represent and acknowledge the shoulders I stand on to be where I am here today. But also recognizing that was my hard work. And I really like I did that. And also being a college graduate represents new opportunities but also being able to pave the way for my siblings.

What have you gained from your Peninsula Bridge experience?

Andrea Quintero: I feel like Peninsula Bridge has helped me learn more about myself and what I am interested in and it has provided so many opportunities and exposure and experiences that I don't think I would have been able to get on my own.

Santy Mendoza: I feel like it's allowed me to have the opportunity opportunity to be in a community with, with a group of people that come from similar backgrounds as me and have that similar passion and desire to, to succeed in college, succeed in higher education and to pursue careers that, that will make a change and an impact in the world.

Jenni Sacor: So Peninsula Bridge has supported me in immense ways, like I cannot say thank you enough from scholarships that allowed me to be at Redlands, a private institution, to just needing a mentor and someone to ask any questions regarding jobs and internships. Like I know I have those people of at Bridge, so I'm forever grateful.

Samy Castañeda: And I'm most grateful for Peninsula Bridge for all the professional opportunities they've given me, I've always done my internships through Peninsula Bridge companies, and I found that they have great workshops for resumes, for LinkedIn, for whatever it may be. Peninsula Bridge has just really prepared me to enter the professional world after graduation.

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