Cindy N.

June 16, 2023

Cindy Ninemire on shares her educational experience

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cindy N., Multiple Event Attendee & Client

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering attending one of our financial classes?

Cindy N.: I guess the advice that I would give someone is if you've thought about retirement or financial well-being for your future, the classes that you guys offer help give you a jumping off point in which to get motivated to help save for retirement or your future goals.

Given how dry and boring the topic of finance can be, how would you describe the atmosphere and style of our financial courses?

Cindy N.: I liked the teaching approach that you guys had. It was co-team teaching for the financial classes. I liked the family-style atmosphere that you guys offered. I like that you had both in writing up on the board in front of us. So we had visual, we were hearing it, we were actually seeing everything that you guys were teaching us and that just helps reaffirm that.

3. What concepts did you find to be the most impactful?

Cindy N.: I think the beauty of the classes that you offered is that you can always hear financial advice multiple times, multiple ways and still learn something from it. I think that I learned a lot about Roths and the fact that I should have started a long time ago and should have continued to fund it regularly.

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