Steve S.

June 16, 2023

Sports Producer Steve Scheer shares his client experience with Peaks Financial.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steven S., Current Client

Introduce yourself, and tell us what you would say to someone who doesn’t have a financial plan.

Steven S.: My name is Steve Sheer. We first met Peaks Financial through a third party a couple of years ago. while my wife and I were looking to figure out a way to pay for two college educations. It was through their advice that we came up with a plan of a cash out refinance at an incredible interest rate. We needed a financial plan. And at that time, we had a lot of resources in a number of areas. Peaks Financial took us on as clients, helped us put everything in one basket, so to speak and we could not be happier with what we have done so far.

What made you choose to work with Peaks Financial?

Steven S.: My wife and I have first met the folks at Peak Financial through a third party. We were looking to pay for not one but two college educations and had no idea how to do it without cashing out some of our resources. Peaks Financial looked at our resources and came up with a plan letting us know that more than likely the best set of areas for us would be a cash out refinance and helped us secure a wonderful interest rate. We couldn't have been happy with our decision and because of that, we decided that we wanted to use Peaks Financial to handle all of our personal finances. We have done so, and we have not looked back since.

How did you feel after going through the financial planning process?

Steven S.: After going through the financial process, boy, there was a lot to do. Uh, we had to transfer a lot of our funds into other funds. Peaks. Financial made it simple, they handled all the paperwork for us. Made the process easy and understandable. It was their knowledge, our trust in them and their reach, they're reachable at all times that made the financial process easy for us.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

Steven S.: One word to describe our experience with Peaks Financial. It would have to be Trust. I put a lot of Trust in Peaks Financial. We've had a lot of resources, my career is winding down, and I am concerned about retirement. The trust I have within all the folks of Peaks Financial is second to none.

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