Keith B.

June 16, 2023

Photographer Keith Brofksy shares his client experience with Peaks Financial.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Keith B., Current Client

Introduce yourself, and tell us what you would say to someone who doesn’t have a financial plan.

Keith B.: Hi, my name is Keith Brosky and I'm a commercial advertising photographer and videographer. I've been doing this one thing for 42 years. It's been a circuitous route to getting to this point of being close to retirement. And, I wasn't always that successful at saving. I have tried various, help from, financial advisors and I've tried going it alone and I've had mixed results. So in more recent years, I happened to meet Kevin through friends and, subsequently Chris and Traci and I find them very authentic and knowledgeable and trustworthy and that's huge for choosing somebody in this position. And I feel like I'm finally able to confidently plan what will come in the near future. And that's a pretty good feeling. And, you know, the nice thing about the folks at Peaks is that they discuss more than just the numbers and, and they will talk about lifestyle and best ways to, maximize my assets in the current times and in the future times. So I really highly recommend them. I hope you will give them a try. And, thanks for listening.

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