Marlies L.

June 16, 2023

Marlies Lloyd shares her client experience with Peaks Financial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marlies L., Current Client

Introduce yourself, and tell us what you would say to someone who doesn’t have a financial plan.

Marlies L.: Hi, my name is Marlies And, I've never really felt that it was important to have a financial plan. However, you know, the older you get and, the more careers you might have, it actually does become very important because a financial plan will give you a foundation and it really starts as, a plan for potentially your retirement or, you know, maybe you want to purchase a house or something like that. So, it really makes a big difference if you have a financial plan and you can talk it through with a number of people.

What made you choose to work with Peaks Financial?

Marlies L.: One of the reasons for us to start to work with, Peaks Financial is that they both - Kevin and Chris as well as Traci are very approachable and they communicate, quite a bit with us in regards to what our finances look like or if there's a difference in the market, what other options we might have as well as a little bit of tax planning. And that's what I really like, it seems like they are very involved in what is happening. And, you know, it really gives, gives us that personal touch. So, you know, we really enjoy being in touch with them as well and, we know and trust that they are doing the best that they know how to. So each time when there is something that is happening, you know, there's a quick email or a text or something like that. And again, I really like that type of a personal approach.

How did you feel after going through the financial planning process?

Marlies L.: When we initially started with, Kevin, Chris as well as Traci, we had to go through some questionnaires and, you know, and kind of put some information in there that felt very personal. However, it really helped in regards to seeing like how, you know, what is the risk that is important to us. And, and what, you know, what does that actually look like when we're putting it on paper? And are we still OK with that? So I think that the financial planning process is, is a pretty important piece because it, it really makes you think and the questions that are being asked are important questions. And I feel it, it helps us to put a structure around what we are wanting to do and it also really clarifies our financial goals.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

Marlies L.: If I have to describe the experience with Peaks Financial, I would say the word that really comes up for me is personal. I mean, there's many more words that come up - also fun and trusting but personal is something that is important to me. Because it really makes us feel that they understand the situation that we are in. And that based on that situation, they can provide us personal guidance and that personal touch helps as well in building that trusting relationship and knowing that our money is safe at Peaks Financial.

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