Elizabeth O.

September 07, 2023

Client Elizabeth Ozimek shares her client experience with Peaks Financial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth O., Current Client

Introduce yourself, and tell us what you would say to someone who doesn’t have a financial plan.

Elizabeth O.: Hi, my name is Elizabeth Ozimek And what I would say to someone who doesn't have a financial plan is just start saving, save what you can on your own. Come up with your own plan, whether it's $20 a month, $50 a month, eventually you'll get enough that you'll be asking where should my money live? What's the best place? And you'll ask more questions and that will lead you to potentially a financial investor planner. That's kind of what happened with myself with my husband and I.

What made you choose to work with Peaks Financial?

Elizabeth O.: What? So my husband Jeff and I chose to work with Kevin and Chris at Peaks Financial because we had a great conversation. Simple as that. But, you know, we were ready to take our savings and growing our investments to the next level. We both had Roth's that we maxed or, you know, Ira's through work that we would try and max. But we finally got to a point where we were maxing those out and we needed to plan the next step and I'm not professional in finances. I don't want to be. So the next logical step was to find a professional and Jeff knew Kevin from sailing. So we started a conversation and they were very open to what we wanted to do with our money, what we thought we should do with our money and our plans and super excited. So we essentially had cheerleaders for our plans and that's what I really liked about Peaks Financial. Jeff, on the other hand, I know he's Mr. Twenty Questions. So that's everything out. If he's happy, then I'm set. So that's how we ended up working with Peaks Financial

How did you feel after going through the financial planning process?

Elizabeth O.: After going through the financial planning process with Kevin and Chris, I felt great. I was ready for them to tell me what to do. Really, I was confident that our plan would be achieved, just had to start working on the plan. So, thanks.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience with us, what would it be and why?

Elizabeth O.: Okay. So the word I choose to describe my experience working with Peaks Financial is Electrifying. You may not think of electrifying when you're talking about investments, data stocks, you know, details. But every time we have a meeting or a conversation, a change of plans, they always make it fun. It's always a fun conversation. It always leaves me feeling excited for the plan, for our future. So yes, working with them is Electrifying.

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