Patient Testimonial | Lori

November 01, 2021

"Dr. Chad prayed with me right there in the dentist chair & I was a patient for life."

Video Transcript

Speakers: Lori

Why did you choose Veranda Dentistry?

Lori: Hi my name is Lori and I chose Veranda Dentistry several years ago. number one because of the locality in Pleasant Hill as we lived in Bondurant at the time but also I got to know Dr. Chad on a professional and personal level. I really liked what he stood for as a person and as a professional dentist. In 2010 our daughter was taken to heaven and I'll never forget Dr. Chad prayed with me right there in the dentist chair and I was a patient for life. In 2014 we moved to Idaho and recently - earlier this year we moved back to Iowa and I knew that I wanted to come back to Veranda for my dentist. We are now at the Johnston location and I am so proud to be a patient and they take excellent care of my husband and I and I hope that this just encourages someone else if they're looking for a wonderful dentist with a wonderful team to choose Veranda. Thank you.

How did Veranda Dentistry help you?

Lori: Veranda has helped me in my years as a patient with, obviously my dental needs. I do try to take really good care of my teeth and I do go every six months to get them checked up. And they are very honest, but they never upsell, and I always trust them with their recommendations for me.

Why would you recommend Veranda Dentistry to your friends and family?

Lori: I would definitely recommend Veranda Dentistry to my friends and family, solely for the purpose that they are a Christian-based dentist office. Everything they do is based on their faith and their integrity. I hope you choose Veranda Dentistry.

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