Daniel Bowman, Elementary Teacher Shares His Thoughts with Passage Preparation

September 14, 2023

Daniel Bowman, 5th grade teacher at Crozet Elementary in Virginia share his thoughts on teaching elementary education and why one should join the profession.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel Bowman, Teacher, Crozet Elementary

Tell me a little bit about your journey to becoming an Elementary teacher. Why did you choose this grade band?

Daniel Bowman: So once I discovered my interest in teaching, um I worked with a pretty wide variety of ages from preschoolers, high schoolers, college kids. But what I find drew me the most was working with this elementary group um kids this age are just natural learners. They're enthusiastic about being in school. They um love to share their information, share their ideas with everyone around them. So I went into elementary because I find it personally to be the most rewarding because I get to see them making growth in real time. I get to see them discovering their interests in who they are and kind of finding out about their place in the world and helping them along that journey is very rewarding.

What is your favorite grade or subject to teach and why?

Daniel Bowman: I think it'll be hard to pick one particular grade that's a favorite. Um There's a big difference between kindergartners and fifth graders, but each step along the way, um each grade level has its own challenges but also its own bright spots, um differences in what they're capable of doing their interest, things like that. Each one is gonna have um you know, its own strengths and its own unique challenges for a favorite subject. I would have to go with science. Um Kids are naturally super curious about the world around them. So science is a great way to get them noticing things, to get them making observations, to get them to come up with ideas and share their experiences with one another. Plus you get to do cool experiments and show them things that they may not be familiar with. So it's always super fun.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming an Elementary teacher in any state? What's awesome about this career?

Daniel Bowman: For people who are interested in pursuing elementary education as a career. I think uh I would recommend finding ways to work with kids like um volunteering at libraries or to work in aftercare programs, things like that because when you're around kids, I think you'll be able to tell if elementary is a thing for you. Um It's so rewarding, I think to be with kids to see them, discovering new ideas, to see them trying new things and to support them along the way. So if you are working with kids and you have that same kind of feeling and you're like, I love being here. I love helping these guys out. I love them, sharing their ideas with me, things like that. That's a pretty good sign that you would have uh good time as an elementary teacher. Um So what's awesome about this career? Just the connections that you get to make. Um you know, you get to spend a long time with your class. Um You get to see them grow so much. Uh You have to think like if you're working with second graders, then these kids have been alive for seven years and they spend an entire year with you. Like, that's a huge percentage of their lives and they change so much in that time and they form a connection with you and you get to watch them grow and watch them change. Watch them discover the world find out about themselves. Like the connections are at the base of what I find so engaging about it. And you get to work with amazing kids and know that you're making a difference in their lives. And, yeah, it's, it's hard to beat.

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