Pluto7 Consulting Inc. and California Design Den

March 17, 2022

Hear how Pluto7 Consulting Inc. partnered with California Design Den and Google Cloud.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tarun Kumar, Head of Presales, Pluto7 Consulting Inc.

Introduce yourself: what is your name, title, and the organization you work for?

Tarun Kumar: Hi, this is Tarun Kumar and I head presales at Pluto7. Pluto7 is a leading solution company, and we are working very closely with Google Cloud, taking the lead in solving the global supply chain crisis through our innovative, business focused intelligence solutions.

Who was the customer and what was the challenge you helped your customer solve for?

Tarun Kumar: One of our customers we recently worked with is a leading high-end bedroom accessories, retail and e-tail company called California Design Den. California Design Den faced multiple challenges in their supply chain, ranging from elementary issues like inventory management on a spreadsheet to meet the customers demands. Managing and updating data manually on Spreadsheet lead to inefficient and to some extent, inaccurate planning, mainly in demand planning and inventory management. Consequences of this manual effort was the lack of ability to respond to the changes in the market and maintain positioning against competitions to the customers.

Tell us more about your unique role in helping the customer.

Tarun Kumar: California Design Den partnered with Pluto7 and Pluto7, helped CDD to intelligently predict sales demand by leveraging, Google Cloud's smart analytics and balanced it with supply planning. Pluto7 enabled Data Foundation, beginning with migrating data based on GCP. Using various GCP products, Pluto7 helped CDD to reduce inventory carryover costs by more than 50%. In addition to improving the accuracy of planning to award stock outs quarter over quarter CDD's systems is becoming more intelligent by gaining granular insights into how individual scales are performing.

Describe any forward-looking plans with the customer.

Tarun Kumar: Being a forward thinker, California Design Den wants to reach new heights, leveraging on digital technologies and Pluto7 with the Google Cloud Platform is helping California Design Den to build an intelligent layer on supply chain platform. This platform will be helping California Design Den with an end-to-end visibility of shipments across borders, a 360° view of supply chain with a better inventory visibility and tight digital control on the complete supply chain process. It will also be helping CDD to stay ahead of the competitions, improve customer experience, and gain more profitability.

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