Brent & Lance Steinberg for Pareto Systems Video Feedback

November 20, 2023

Steinberg Investment Group

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brent & Lance Steinberg, Steinberg Investment Group

Why did you begin working with Pareto?

Brent & Lance Steinberg: So a couple years ago, we took on Pareto's coaching. But prior to a couple of years ago, I had a relationship with Pareto watching Duncan. I actually met Duncan at one of our conferences. In 2019, our company had a program through Total Client Engagement, a series that I watched and we just felt, I really felt that we were missing as a firm, something specific to talk about in regard to our intellectual property and our process. I don't think we ever had a specific process and how we are different focus within our practice. So we ended up taking Pareto on and focusing with that direction when we hired Pareto a couple of years ago. And as Brent became aware of Duncan and Pareto, and as he introduced me to that system, it became clear that that I thought it was something that we ought to try. And so, so we're thankful that we did.

Can you share your coach's name and describe your experience working with them?

Brent & Lance Steinberg: When we joined the Pareto System, we started working with our coach Marci Fried, who has helped us transform what, what we do, implement processes and procedures using the Pareto away. And, and, really, I would describe it as a transformative relationship. Marci is, is a total professional and she is, is very careful to implement new structure at our pace. And, and meticulously follows up along the way. And so it has just been a pleasure working with her and, and it has been a great help to our business. I would totally agree. And I, I would also say that Marci has been with Pareto for a long time and has just a very unique understanding of Duncan and what Duncan's beliefs are. So she can really take that to another level and deliver it in, in a much more productive way to the folks that she coaches, specifically Lance and I in this situation. But that length of time that she has been with Pareto, I think that gives her a distinct advantage on being able to bring this full circle

Can you describe the most significant challenge you've overcome with Pareto's guidance?

Brent & Lance Steinberg: I think one of the biggest challenges that I personally have overcome with Pareto, it still is work in progress. But one of the biggest challenges was really being able to comfortably and naturally deliver all the information that we're given that we need to speak to existing clients about to prospective clients about being able to put that into a natural form. Even if it's on an agenda, being able to explain it in a way that we are comfortable and it comes out sounding natural. There's a lot of different stuff, even if it's just your trailer getting that whole spiel down and being able to deliver it successfully to existing clients and prospective clients. I think that was my personal biggest challenge and it still is work in progress and my challenge has been doing things a different way. I'm not a person who likes change and deals well with change typically. And so taking what we do and what I've done in the past 30 years and presenting it in a different way has been a challenge for me. But over time, over the course of this past year and a half or so that we've been working with Marci and Duncan and Pareto. It, it just slowly feels like it's more natural and, and this is the way we're going to do things going forward.

Can you share a success story from your work with Pareto?

Brent & Lance Steinberg: One of the biggest success stories for me personally, since we've been working with Pareto is having, for instance, a client who made an introduction to our firm through a friend of his going back to my client and asking my client, what is it that you said to your friend? The friend came in, the friend was ready to get going. We still went through the the process to make sure it was a good fit. It ended up being a good fit. But I went back to the client and asked us the client what what they said and, and the client just just told me, hey, you know, I told them about your uh differentiation that you have in the market. your, your, your practice, your process, your people, literally, the client went through exactly what our trailer would be. And I was super impressed. So for us to deliver that information successfully to our clients, for the clients to then socialize that to their friends and family members. For a seamless introduction. That to me was a massive success story. My success has been in forming strategic alliances with other professionals that our clients have been working with for years and this is, this has been a focus over maybe the last six months or so in, in our meetings with Marci in, in developing this process for reaching out to these strategic partners or potential strategic partners and, and and how we interact with them and how we present what we do to them and, and it's already started to pay off in, in forms of introductions from these strategic partners to, to potential new clients. And so, so that's, that's something that, that we really look forward to. And this is something that, that that we feel will bring our firm a great deal of success.

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