Brent and Lance Steinberg

November 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brent & Lance Steinberg, Steinberg Investment Group

Brent & Lance Steinberg: But I went back to the client and asked us the client what what they said and, and the client just just told me, hey, you know, I told them about your differentiation that you have in the market. your, your practice, your process, your people, literally, the client went through exactly what our trailer would be. And I was super impressed. So for us to deliver that information successfully to our clients, for the clients to then socialize that to their friends and family members. For a seamless introduction. That to me was a massive success story. My success has been in forming strategic alliances with other professionals that our clients have been working with for years and this is, this has been a focus over maybe the last six months or so in, in our meetings with Marci (our coach) in, in developing this process for reaching out to these strategic partners or potential strategic partners and, and and how we interact with them and how we present what we do to them and it's already started to pay off in, in forms of introductions from these strategic partners to potential new clients. And so, so that's, that's something that, that we really look forward to. And this is something that, that that we feel will bring our firm a great deal of success.

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