Seth Diener for Pareto Systems Video Feedback

November 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Seth Diener, Private Wealth Manager, Diener Money Managentment

Why did you begin working with Pareto?

Seth Diener: Yeah, the coaching framework from Pareto has been a game changer for my firm. If you're looking for a way to align your team and better sell your value to clients, I highly recommend checking out Pareto Systems. Before using Pareto our messaging to our clients was inconsistent. Different partners and team members would explain our services and value proposition in very different ways. With Pareto, we have now aligned proprietary process that brings our consistency to our client conversations. All of our team members speak about our services and values in the same way, this helps clients better understand the system we have built and who we work best with. Pareto has helped me reshape my practice to work solely with clients that I enjoy working with and doing more for them. This has resulted in a deeper engagement between them and us. It's more fulfilling for them, and me on top of that. Pareto Systems has empowered our team to have better conversations that drive client action. We're able to explain our services in a way that resonates with the clients and gets them excited to introduce us to others in their network. I can't recommend it enough for firms looking to build their dream practice, move upstream, improve their messaging, empower their team and speak to clients in a way that grows their business.

Can you share your coach's name and describe your experience working with them?

Seth Diener: My coach's name is Scott Hamilton and he is amazing. I give him a 15 out of 10.

Can you describe the most significant challenge you've overcome with Pareto's guidance?

Seth Diener: The most significant challenge. We overcame, there's been many of them. One that comes to mind is, is, you know, reshaping your practice. So that you just work with clients, that you enjoy working with and, you know, having the courage to step away from the ones that you don't want to work with. and having the confidence that it's going to produce more of the ones that you do like working with and it works.

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