Stacy Jennings for Customer Testimonial Videos

July 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stacy Jennings, Security Officer, Securitas, Allied event staffing

Where were you at before the program? How were you feeling and what were you struggling with?

Stacy Jennings: Hi, my name is Stacey Jennings. And before the programming, um, I had gained some menopause weight. I had gained some COVID weights and I was at about 100 and £64. Uh, not feeling very good about myself, not able to fit into, you know, the clothes that I used to fit into. So, I, I found this program and since February at 1 64 here it is. Uh, June, mid June, I'm down to 1 40. Um, and I, I feel great. I have more energy. I'm more determined and focused. Uh, this is, it's been very rewarding for me.

What are the results now?

Stacy Jennings: Um, and in four months I have dropped 24 pounds working with Chris doing this personal training program twice a week. It's been very rewarding. I 1 to 2 pounds a week. You know, sometimes I struggle, sometimes I'll go out to eat and overeat, but it's, it's just a matter of getting back on track and doing what you need to do to sustain your goal, reminding yourself that you're capable, you're worthy and just do it.

Can you describe any positive impacts on your overall well-being that have resulted from working with Chris and other members?

Stacy Jennings: And the positive impacts of working with Chris the past four months have been, I, I've changed my mindset in regards to eating. You know, it's ok to eat to 80% and, uh, leave the table or the restaurant being no fulfilled and, you know, maybe having a bite of the dessert, not having the whole dessert. Yeah, the impact has been great. The people that I've met in the gym, you know, they, they've got the same goals. We are basically all in the same boat doing the same thing to improve our lives and it's good to be in a community that is supportive and, you know, it's rewarding. It's very rewarding when you come in a month and a half later and see how people have changed their body and their mindset. It's a good thing.

Have you noticed any sustainable changes in your lifestyle or habits as a result of the program?

Stacy Jennings: sustainable changes and habits that I've made to my diet is that, um, after every meal, I make sure to get some cardio in whether I'm, you know, it doesn't matter if you're doing laundry because the kids, you know, stuff needs. If you wash your school, if you are meal prepping, you're burning calories. You know, instead of being angry that, oh, you know, my kids left the mess here and I got to clean it up. You know, this program has inspired me and reminded me to have gratitude, you know, have gratitude that you're able to burn more calories. Don't think of it as a negative thing. You know, having expectations, just think of it as an extra way to burn calories because it is an overall mindset, right? Whatever you think and feel is what you create and if you're thinking and feeling anger and frustration, it's coming from you. You know, nobody can put it on you. So if you change your mindset, that's one of the greatest sustainable skills I've learned. Being in this program is, hey, you know what, you just look at it a different way, change your mindset, you change your mindset, you can do anything.

Who would you recommend this program too?

Stacy Jennings: And I would recommend this program to anybody, whether you're as thick as a bowl of grits or can't see you if you were standing behind a flagpole, you know, there's always something that you can strive to work towards whether it's reconfiguring your body type or building muscle so that your clothes look better on you. I would recommend this program to everybody and anybody of every size age nature. It's, it's the perfect way to bring a good thing back into your life and on to your body. The best thing you can wear is confidence and being a member at this gym and working out with Chris, you will certainly start having more confidence in yourself regardless of your body type or size.

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