Maria Michel for Customer Testimonial Videos

June 25, 2023

Maria Michel Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maria Michel, Realtor

Where were you at before the program? How were you feeling and what were you struggling with?

Maria Michel: Before working with Chris, I was working out at home in my home gym and I wasn't seeing results from working out on my own. I was mainly doing cardio and needed more guidance. And I was also, it was also during COVID. So I was working out at home while having my kids at home. So my, my workouts would frequently get interrupted by my kids and I just wasn't seeing the results that I wanted to see. So I knew I had to find a way to lose the weight that I had left over from two pregnancies. And I also needed to work out outside my home so that I would have one hour in a, in, in a day to myself and to really focus on my well being as a mother because I was really struggling with finding time for myself. And I really wanted to make myself happy so that I could make those in my home happy as well.

What are the results now?

Maria Michel: Ever since I started training with Chris, I have seen my body change a lot. Um I have gotten leaner. My body is more toned. I can lift weight that I never imagined I could lift before. And I feel a lot stronger. And for me, it's very important to be strong because I have little kids and um they like to play rough and you know, they're growing so I I they're becoming heavier for me to carry around. Um So working with Chris has made me a stronger mother and I also feel a lot stronger in terms of if I'm ever in a, in a unforeseen dangerous situation, I can defend myself. And that's a lot. Um that has a lot to do with my career being a realtor, being a landlord. Sometimes I, I am in areas where I don't feel safe, but just being here at the gym and knowing that I am very strong has made me a lot more comfortable when I am by myself.

Can you describe any positive impacts on your overall well-being that have resulted from working with Chris and other members?

Maria Michel: There have been so many positive impacts uh from working with Chris. Um I feel stronger. I feel that I am a better example as a woman and as a mother to my Children, um my Children have seen me getting strong and they have, they are motivated to do workouts and they are motivated to do things that otherwise they probably would not have been exposed to at such a young age. Um I also feel that I have a much better relationship with food. I, I am more aware of what I eat and I make smarter choices when it comes to my food and my nutrition and overall my lifestyle.

Have you noticed any sustainable changes in your lifestyle or habits as a result of the program?

Maria Michel: My lifestyle and my food choices are a lot more sustainable now than they have ever been. Um I feel like I can still eat what I want yet. Being mindful of those things that I put in my body. And from time to time when I take a cheat day or a cheat week, if I'm traveling, um I can feel my body right away that it's not comfortable with the food that I have been taking. And therefore, um, it's, it's like my body is talking to me and my body's telling me, hey, Maria, don't do what you're doing, you know, go back to your routine. And that is, that has become uh a huge part of my life just sticking to what I know works for me and my body. And the feeling that I get from eating healthy and working out is a feeling that I love and that I, I, I, I want to have every day. So overall, every day I'm making choices that I had not done prior to joining Chris.

Who would you recommend this program too?

Maria Michel: I would definitely recommend this program and I have recommended this program to many. Um I have never felt so comfortable with my body, my nutrition, my lifestyle, I feel like what I'm doing right now is very sustainable. Long term. I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life. And I know there are many programs out there that are very successful in the short term, but not in the long term. And the way Chris has talked to me about nutrition and lifestyle and working out has been something that I can really see myself doing for the rest of my life. Um And when I have been out of the gym for a month or, or a month and a half because of traveling or just because of life, I still continue to do those things that Chris has taught me to do and they're always in the back of my head. So I feel like there's really no going back to my old way. Um It's, it, it's impossible because I don't, I don't like how that felt. So, um it, it's been, it's been life changing and it's been something that I will have with me for the rest of my life.

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