Jeanette for Customer Testimonial Videos

January 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeanette and Vivian

Where were you at before the program? How were you feeling and what were you struggling with?

Jeanette and Vivian: Ok. Where were you before the program? And what were you struggling with? And how do you feel? Well, before starting this program, I was actually already into the fitness lifestyle, but I was doing more like hit. So I wasn't able to very perform at my highest potential level. Um, and I was feeling in pain all the time. I felt like I unsure of what I was doing. Um I just knew I was working out. Um, and here I learned how to get stronger, do it properly taking my time and it was just so much knowledge. Um, and it was a total game changer coming in here. I highly recommend to anyone that's trying to learn and excel in their fitness lifestyle. How, how are you feeling before you came in here? Ok. So before I joined, um Paradise Gym, I didn't have any fitness uh knowledge. I just really went on hikes, go walking here and there and that was pretty much my, um, workout for the, the day. Um, so, and then ever since I joined Paradise Gym, um I learned how to perfect my forms of having a workout plan and a program to uh to uh guide you basically because you're new. And um now I have the tools to really um get a really good effective workout. And I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to see results, see results. Thank you, Chris.

What are the results now?

Jeanette and Vivian: Ok. And your results, what are your results then? Um, I definitely have more energy. I feel stronger. Um, I feel like I have the knowledge now to go to, um, any gym and, um, have a good workout. Um, and yeah, I feel good every day after the gym. I, if it's a good feeling to get a quicker to get. Ok, let me start.

Jeanette and Vivian: And what are your results? Um I feel stronger, high energy, I feel like I have the knowledge and tool to take um the skills that I learned at Paradise uh to any gym. And I mean, it's a good feeling after every workout. Yeah. Ok. And my results um coming to Paradise Gym and training with Chris is obviously it got stronger, I'm stronger. I feel more comfortable and confident um lifting heavier without being afraid of getting hurt or the next morning, you know, having a bad back. Um and yeah, I feel like I could take this knowledge anywhere everywhere, share it. And um yeah, so that those were my results after coming here.

Can you describe any positive impacts on your overall well-being that have resulted from working with Chris and other members?

Jeanette and Vivian: The most, um, positive impact while working with Chris is, um, being more mindful of my nutrition and, um, um, meeting and having a good, um, community based. Um, everyone here, um, you know, you learn a lot from everyone here. I met Jeanette here and, um, we really, really get to work out together and push each other to, um, get better and stronger, uh, for ourselves. Yeah. And for me it was also being more aware about, um, like my foods, not just restricting myself on what I want to, if I'm craving something I'll eat it but be also, um, mindful and just the next day just get back on track. Um, and it's just making, creating good habits, um, with food, the people and myself. Ok.

Have you noticed any sustainable changes in your lifestyle or habits as a result of the program?

Jeanette and Vivian: OK. So have you noticed any sustainable um changes in your lifestyle or habits while um training in this program? Yes, I definitely noticed that um I feel better and the positive was basically that I'm not just like in a diet, a very strict diet for like three months and then I go back to square one. I'm learning that it takes time and 1% is better than 0%. Um And that makes me feel good. I don't feel guilty afterwards. So that's one of the positive impacts while being in this program. Yes. And for me, um it's, it's the same. Um I would say um before joining the program, my goal was to always, you know, have a start in aesthetics, but I realized while being here that it's more than that, it's something that you, we should keep up. Um And something that we should keep uh like as a long term commitment. So, starting this journey made me realize that um working out and just moving our body to be our best, healthy self is more sustainable and positive than just uh working out for a certain aesthetic that you wanna go for, uh.

Who would you recommend this program too?

Jeanette and Vivian: Ok. Who would you recommend this program? Who anyone that wants to invest in their health, their lifestyle and just creating positive habits? Um, yes, I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a major change in their life. Yes, I agree. I recommend Paradise Dam to everyone who's looking to, um, invest in their self and their health and fitness.

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