Emmett Zediker for Customer Testimonial Videos

October 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emmett Zediker, Owner, Zediker Electric

Where were you at before the program? How were you feeling and what were you struggling with?

Emmett Zediker: I have to click the button myself. Can you believe that people? What a monster? Good grief. So, my name is Emmett and I, uh, started working out about four months ago, five months ago at another gym with another trainer, but neither here nor there, but I wasn't progressing. I would go and do a little workout, but I still was married to mcdonald's, a bag of potato chips and Downton Abbey in the evening. Right. So, nothing in my habits really changed, but I met Chris and found that he had started to open up his own gym. I was intrigued by that and I called up and made an appointment to come on down and I liked his drive. Uh, that really stuck out to me and that drive really helped me to become more motivated because trust me, 20 years sitting in front of a TV with potato chips and soda pop. You think I wanna get into a gym? Uh, I don't think so, honey. No way. But the, the attitude that Chris has how he teaches and the overall tone and aura should we say of the gym is really comfortable for me? Uh, non intimidating and it, and I want to perform, you know, I wanna do those 12 reps. And now looking back after four months working with Chris, I'm down from 2 76 to 2 30. So I'm making changes and he helps me with nutrition and that really helps me a lot. I feel accounted for. He makes me accountable because he checks in. That tells me that he cares and I've never had a fitness trainer who cared enough to call and say, how was your dinner? How do you feel about what you ate? Did you eat enough? Are you stuffed? You know, I'm becoming more thoughtful. Should I say about what I shove in my mouth? And that thoughtfulness has caused change within myself. When I started this journey, I could not do a push up and I also could not lift 5 pounds like above my head like this. I'm still not going for a six pack. But you know what? When I look down, I can see my feet, I can even see that I'm wearing different shoes. Who knows how long I've been going around wearing different shoes and never knew because I couldn't see them pass my gut, but it's going down as well. I'm down four pant sizes and when I do work I can work better. I'm an electrician so I move a lot. I can climb ladders better and I can do my job better. And I just feel better. Thank you.

What are the results now?

Emmett Zediker: As I said before, when I started, I couldn't see my shoes, but now I can move my leg. Here's one shoe, here's the other shoe. I still wear different shoes just because I don't care at this point and it's fun, but I can move and I couldn't do that four months ago. Uh, because my body was stiff, I guess, with fat lack of movement, I'd stiffed up like an old car and seized and I couldn't move my arms around like this. Um, I can move better and that's half the battle and I can see that now. So even though through some of the repetitions, you know, you build up a little bit of a, oh, I guess I could sting. I call it a sting, but I push through that just enough and that's just enough is building little bits on little bits on little bits. And that is how I go with this weight journey and getting stronger and, and all that. So by breaking it down into small increments that helps me to feel like I'm not biting off too much and I just like moving, I can walk up a flight of stairs now without being out of breath and I'm just pretty happy about that.

Can you describe any positive impacts on your overall well-being that have resulted from working with Chris and other members?

Emmett Zediker: I swear, Chris needs a remote control. I have to lean forward and push the button. Can you believe it? The effort? Oh my gosh. Too much. Actually, the real effort has come in my mind and the impact has been most in my mind because when I had that bag of potato chips and that quart of cottage cheese from Trader Joe's Yum, I would be just thinking about how difficult it would be to get to a gym. And I'd have somebody screaming in my ear and saying 1234, you know, but no, it's more like 123456789, 10, 11 12. And that's how I think of my repetitions. I make it fun. And for me that just gets me right on through. And as a result I'm able to do more, do more meaning show up. I've had trainers before where I wouldn't show up because I just knew that I would be brutalized in, in a way that was uh not helpful to me. But uh Chris is very encouraging and when I'm laying in bed in the middle of the night and sometimes I wake up, I think, ok, I, I can't wait to go work out and go through that process because it's fun and good. And I can see how, when I'm at work I'm lifting a roll of wire. Let's say I can lift that rule of wire better. And I'm also lifting the same way I lift weight in the gym with my core, breathing in, doing the work and then releasing, keeping things close to my body. So I'm taking some of those aspects that I'm learning in the gym with just the regular working out and exercising and I'm taking those to work and that helps a whole lot and I really certainly enjoy it quite a bit. Another button, more work. Can you believe it?

Have you noticed any sustainable changes in your lifestyle or habits as a result of the program?

Emmett Zediker: Yes, I have changed quite a bit about my food eating habits mainly. Uh, I'm a vegetarian now and I think before I eat and while I eat, Chris has helped me to be a thoughtful eater. You know, you'll hear him say, eat until you're 80% full. I didn't quite understand that. So I would just eat a tiny bit and then see if I was still hungry and then eat a little more. Then realize, oh, I am kind of full well, then I would stop. So I started to realize that, oh, this much food in an amount equates to how I feel once I've eaten. And I also chew my food now as well. And, uh, all through this process, I've, I've had some horrible health news. I'll share with you. I have stage four kidney failure and I've only got one kidney and it's done. It's fried. And the doctors say that I might have another year left to live, but I still am going to the gym. I'm just looking forward to coming and seeing Chris. I feel like at first it's too little, too late. I should have started this 20 years. Ago, but there's always a perfect time. And for me now is the perfect time for you now is the perfect time as well. The only thing stopping me was myself. But once I realized that I had to make a change so that I didn't have a terrible death. My death may be a little easier honestly, because I'll be a little bit healthier and a little bit stronger as I go and I have no regrets about starting this process now. It's just the right time and I hope you find the right time too.

Who would you recommend this program too?

Emmett Zediker: This program is for a guy like me, a gal, like you, a guy like you, whoever you are, anyone who wants to have better health as a result of fitness and eating food and living life. It, it's really for anybody. I personally wasn't happy when I look in the mirror. Um, so that would make me a good candidate. I wasn't happy with my eating habits. That would make me a good candidate. And I certainly wasn't happy with, uh, worrying about getting her to work because I knew I wasn't strong enough to do some of the work that I do as a result of working out. I have become more confident and I have become stronger. I'm eating better and I'm more thoughtful around all of those areas in my life. So, if you're thinking about, oh, maybe I ought to work out or do some exercise or try something new. Well, that's your soul telling you. I want more and I want you to know, I have found more here with Chris.

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