Kevin Dill for PANORAMIC™ Video Testimonials

August 23, 2022

Here's why your business or organization should use PANORAMIC™ to Tell Your Story Everywhere.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Dill, CEO, BridgeTech Media, LLC


Kevin Dill: Panoramic was developed as a great way to introduce your business or organizations' products, services or events across the World Wide Web. Using video in the form of first-person stories. It's super innovative and easy to create your story to tell to your desired audience.

What makes PANORAMIC™ better than a traditional blog post?

Kevin Dill: These days, people simply want convenience. And watching a panoramic video is much more immersive and entertaining than reading a blog post.

Why is the PANORAMIC™ slogan "Tell Your Story Everywhere"?

Kevin Dill: And here's how to get your product, service, or event story told. We follow the eyeballs and those eyeballs are on the main social media channels. We do this by placing your video of your story, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud. And we reach that audience with specific demographics and criteria to match that service, product or event.

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