Linda Saldana, Seventh Wave Refreshments

November 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Linda Saldana

Why did you start using Panoptyc?

Linda Saldana: We started using Panoptyc because we wanted to offer our clients peace. This was really important to us because we had some customers that they, you know, you always, during the sale cycle, you always hear someone say like, oh you don't know my people, you don't know if they're honorable or we'll be able to trust them. So by offering the camera system and actually the visibility to the micro market and the reporting, it gave them peace in order to transition into a micro market as well.

What's your favorite feature of Panoptyc?

Linda Saldana: My favorite feature of Panoptyc is the ability that I can jump in at any given time and look at our micro markets. Um Anywhere I'm at, whether I'm at home, whether I'm in my car, I can just easily see what's going on, be able to go back and look at where our people were there just by the movement that I can see in the time frames and the time blocks. Um I love that I can actually set the, the cameras based on route so we can focus our efforts and what we're looking at. Um I love, I, I love that so much. I love to have visibility to our markets.

How has Panoptyc saved you time or money?

Linda Saldana: Um I have a really cool story where Panoptyc has saved us time and money. We have an account that is um a big block of, you know, warehouses all together and they have a lot of temp workers and they knew that they needed a food and beverage program, but they also knew that their people were, you know, they're going to have hot fingers. So, um you know, we implemented the micro markets with full understanding that we needed to provide proper signage and just kind of take a look at inventory closer than we would other accounts. But because we have the Panoptyc cameras in the system, we're able to provide, you know, what we call incidents or opportunities for them to see what's actually going on. And in turn, they actually ended up paying for all theft and that's part of the package because they really believe in our service and they really believe that this is kind of a cost unfortunately for them to be able to offer this. Um So for us in, in order for us to be able to provide that strong service on an already very profitable account, and then having the, the proof that, hey, this is not because of any funny inventory things. This is definitely because, you know, the, some people just come and grab maybe one or two more things that they need to, we're able to maintain a very healthy account that's profitable, that could otherwise be bleeding. Um, but because the customer has the ability to see it and they get the reports from us, they trust us. And, um, we're just very thrilled to have something like Panoptyc to be able to offer, um, that option.

Why would you recommend Panoptyc to other businesses?

Linda Saldana: I honestly don't understand or don't know how people have micro markets without a system like Panoptyc to um to offer the micro market program. There has been so many times that just having the ability to jump on the cameras and look at our food coolers to be able to improve current services or really to be able to see any incident that happens right away and send it over to our customer has provided such great value for us that um I would highly recommend this to any business that has micro markets right now.

What should people thinking about using Panoptyc know?

Linda Saldana: I think if you're thinking about using Panoptyc and you can't really kind of figure out if you should dive in or not is, you know, the visibility on a program that you've worked so hard on and the relationship that you are able to build with a customer um through this particular system because you can clip out things that might be important to them or, or it is good for them to know. Um It's totally worth a try just for the sake of building stronger relationships. And if you can look at it as how can I improve on the relationship that I have with my customer versus just um providing snacks is instead of you just providing snacks, you're actually providing feedback and data that they may need to make choices. Um in the future. I, I think it's just, it's thinking about um what more you can offer than just a snack delivery.

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