Jerry Duford for Panoptyc Testimonials

November 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jerry Duford

Why did you start using Panoptyc?

Jerry Duford: The reason that we chose Panoptyc is because of the simple installation and once it is set, you can forget it because Panoptyc takes it over from there and the theft that you did have will go away. Um, we just love Panoptyc.

What's your favorite feature of Panoptyc?

Jerry Duford: My favorite feature of Panoptyc is the ease of use. The theft detection is very good. If somebody is stealing in your market, they will catch the guy and we've had several instances where they caught him two and three and four times before I can even get back to them, the employer to let them know that they have an employee stealing. Um, we've chose Panoptyc over other theft detection systems because the other ones, their hardware just did not work. Panoptyc's, hardware works right up out of the box, you hook it up and you're ready to go. Um, it is almost as if you have a security guard at your micro market.

How has Panoptyc saved you time or money?

Jerry Duford: An optic has saved my company J bos spending a ton of money in several ways. One, the losses are much less. Two, I do not have to sit and watch videos all day long. I can make my day easier by doing the things that I need to get done rather than watch video after video. Um And for what a dollar a day, it cost us to have them monitor our micro markets. It's a no brainer.

What should people thinking about using Panoptyc know?

Jerry Duford: If you are thinking about Panoptyc and using it at your business or your location or wherever that you need security cameras, you shouldn't have to worry. It is the best out there and if they will work for you 24 7 while you are sleeping, while you are awake and while you are doing things that are more important than watching your business.

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