Jeff Hemp, DC Vending

November 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeff A Hemp

Why did you start using Panoptyc?

Jeff A Hemp: Why did we start using Panoptyc? Uh We had uh variances happening in markets. We tried to sit down and review the videos uh and spent quite a few hours of reviewing videos and then we would clip that part of the video, send it to the customer and by the time the customer actually got it and, and did their due diligence to identify the uh the culprit, uh we'd already had several other ones happening. Uh So for us, Panoptyc was gonna be quick, uh It was gonna be precise. Uh And that's what we were looking for, help us save time.

What's your favorite feature of Panoptyc?

Jeff A Hemp: So what is my favorite feature about Panoptyc? I like that. Uh, it saves me a lot of time. Uh, it saves me and our supervisors a lot of time. Uh, it's very precise. Uh, so I can watch the clip of the video that they sent to us. I can forward it on to our customer. Uh, we typically within, uh, an hour have, uh, some resolution.

How has Panoptyc saved you time or money?

Jeff A Hemp: How has Panoptyc saved me time and or money. Um The first time we had variances and we knew that there was an issue with potential theft. Uh We spent hours in front of the DVR. First of all, we sent somebody out to get the DVR, bring it back. Uh Then we spent hours in front of the DVR trying to identify where the, the incidence incidences that had happened. Then we, as we clipped those, we sent those videos on to our customer uh for them to review. Uh Then we waited to hear back from them. In the meantime, there could be potentially other issues happening at the same location. So as far as saving time and money, my time, uh and our supervisors are no longer spent in front of the, the videos trying to review them. Um and time is money. Uh So our supervisors are are better out uh visiting locations and uh and growing our business.

Why would you recommend Panoptyc to other businesses?

Jeff A Hemp: Why would I recommend Panoptyc tele businesses? I think that uh we spend a lot of time uh sitting and watching video and if, if uh if you're doing that, then uh you're not out visiting your customer or taking care of bigger projects. So, uh I, I highly recommend Panoptyc to other businesses. Uh We'll continue to use it. In fact, we'll expand on it. So.

What should people thinking about using Panoptyc know?

Jeff A Hemp: What should people thinking about using Panoptyc? No. Um, well, it saves you a lot of time. Uh, that's for sure. Uh, saves you money. Obviously you could, if you could stop the, the, the from happening in the markets, uh, it saves you money and, and that's what it does. So, uh, I think the biggest thing for me is being able to just give them the clip of that specific video in a really timely fashion is, uh, is imperative and, and, and it helps the customer to understand that sometimes, um, you know, if they're, if they're stealing out of a micro market, what are they stealing from that location? Uh, so I think Panoptyc is, is definitely been a good investment for us.

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