What has long COVID taken from you? Kelly tells us.

December 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelly Keeney

What has long COVID taken from you?

Kelly Keeney: Hi. Uh I became ill with COVID the first week of lockdown, March of 2020. Um uh in May, I discovered that I was still experiencing uh ongoing issues. My boss actually brought it to my attention and what long COVID has taken from me is my financial security. Um It took almost two years to get approved for full disability. I was lucky enough to be approved because I have doctors who've been tracking me since the beginning. Um It's taken both the business that I had grown and was about to go full time with uh as a dog trainer, took that career away from me, um took my full time job of 27 years away from me. Um Took my ability to walk my dogs away. A lot of heartbreak, lot of grief uh comes with being chronically ill and I am still battling. Uh March will be four years and uh pretty much my full time job now is to fill out paperwork for government programs and uh go to doctor's appointments. Thanks for doing all you do.

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