What has long COVID taken from you? James House tells us.

November 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: James House

What is your first and last name?

James House: James House.

What is your current, or former, occupation?

James House: I was a senior loan specialist for a subprime lender.

What has long COVID taken from you?

James House: How long COVID has taken away. Um A lot of my pride, self worth, uh some of my dignity when, when it comes to playing with my kids and uh being able to travel and, and do things with them that I would normally do prior to long COVID. Long COVID has taken away my ability to work, um even interact with folks um due to this self avocation and um having to push through barriers long COVID has taken parts of my relationship, most of my relationship, um just broken up my home overall, um has taken away my social life and a lot of my friends, uh I cover this, taking a part of me with that. Um Just through the frustration and reliving my childhood where my mother was HIV positive growing up in the nineties in the early two thousands before she passed away at the age of 45. I was eight years old when I found out growing up for 20 years of my life, almost having to push through those barriers and discrimination was enough. At the age of 23 I figured I was done with that move on. And now long COVID has brought that back. I done really is taking the toll on me. I don't think people know what cost comes with this both financially, emotionally, spiritually, just training it.

Please end your video by saying: "I am a pandemic patient."

James House: I am a pandemic patient.

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