Pamela's Experience with Boho Beautiful Official

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pamela Wilson

How has Boho Beautiful Official benefited your daily yoga or meditation practice?

Pamela Wilson: My daily yoga practice has been completely changed because of Boho. Beautiful. I find that there are calendars in the official app to be extremely helpful from taking out the guesswork of what constitutes a healthy balanced yoga practice as well as keeps me accountable. and I have such great satisfaction knowing that every month there's a new opportunity to improve and become a better Yogi.

How has Boho Beautiful Official impacted your mental and physical well-being?

Pamela Wilson: My mental and physical well being has improved due to the Boho beautiful app. I am so thankful that this has been available prior to and during the global pandemic of which working out was a huge priority to stay focused and being healthy during that time from home. In addition, I just find it so convenient and so kind and wonderful to see that content keeps developing every single month as well as there is a personal touch. I really find that I get a lot of value as well as physical strength and mental clarity by using this app.

How do you prefer to use Boho Beautiful Official, and how often?

Pamela Wilson: I prefer to use the Boho beautiful official app on my television. When I work out at home, if I want to work out outside, I'll put it on the tablet. And if I want to use it while I'm traveling, I use it on my phone. The variety of times that I like to use it range from say weekly if I'm just keeping up a regular team or if I want to push myself every day for one of the calendar challenges or if I'm traveling whenever I get a spare moment. But I also love that a variety of opportunity to range from a full intense workout session all the way through to a simple mindful meditation before bed.

What is the #1 reason you would recommend Boho Beautiful Official to a friend?

Pamela Wilson: The number one reason that I would recommend Boho Beautiful Official is because someone recommended it to me and I couldn't thank them enough for finding a level of yoga that suits both of our needs as well as other friends. I've once introduced it to friends that live in Greenland and they find found a suitable workout routine that fits them in the most remote places on earth. So I think if anything, the range of opportunities for growth and development through the Boho Beautiful Official app is incredible. So no matter what, whatever your skill, whatever your challenge there is something that will make you smile at the end of the day.

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