dottydungarees.com - Georgina Parr Palletized eHub Partnership

June 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Georgina Parr, CoFounder , Dotty Dungarees Ltd

What challenges were you facing in your warehouse operations before using Palletized, and how has our solution helped you overcome them?

Georgina Parr: Hi there. I just wanted to recommend uh we were having a really difficult time with warehouses elsewhere. We're not a huge company yet. So, um, our volumes aren't enormous and it was really, really hard to find any warehousing um for a uh small medium business like ours. Um They've been really responsive super quick also getting stuff on the shelves. That was another problem we had, um, was that uh getting the stock on the shelves and therefore the sales through was really complicated. Um And there were lots of like unforeseen costs in other um, warehouses that we'd worked with, uh which really totted up and became really expensive over time, whereas has been really straightforward about what the storage costs are. Um, what each pick uh costs. And there have not been any um uh unexpected surprises. We've been able to manage our cash flow really carefully knowing um what it is that we're, we're going to be spending each month with them. Um So I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Uh Communication is really easy and they just basically really help you to find um solutions to things. Again, the storage, we, we uh started storing with them. And then um and then wanted to make a small change to the way that it's stored, they stored our products. So it was more cost effective and that also was possible. So, um so yeah, I think they're amazing. It's really unusual to find um in my experience, really unusual to find such uh such a good warehouse who are so easy to work with and um and so transparent. So yeah, uh highly, highly recommend them and palatize team. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

How best would you describe your onboarding and kickoff experience at Palletized?

Georgina Parr: Hi there. Uh, on boarding was really, really easy. Uh, they sent us the template they needed to be completed which we sent in. Um, and again, communication, incredibly easy over email. They were good on the telephone. We're also on whatsapp with them. Um, couldn't have been easier.

Can you share a specific example of how Palletized has improved the efficiency or effectiveness of your warehouse operations?

Georgina Parr: Um, they've improved our operations by getting our stock on the shelves really fast after they arrive, which makes a material difference to when we can start selling, um, and sending out our goods. Uh, so that's probably the number one thing. Um, that, uh, that's been really amazing.

How has using Palletized impacted your business performance in areas like cost savings, time management & customer satisfaction?

Georgina Parr: And using palletize has been good across all areas for us. So, cost savings and they've been really good at trying to find solutions to our storage. Um uh We're wasting a lot less time following up on where the stock is and whether it's on the shelves and things like that. Um And uh and customers are really happy because the goods get sent out on time. So, improvement across everything.

Would you recommend Palletized to other eCommerce Sellers and brands?

Georgina Parr: I would totally recommend palatize. I think they're awesome.

Your overall satisfaction with Palletized Team?

Georgina Parr: Um overall satisfaction is really, really high communications, excellent efficiency is excellent. Um, their awareness of costs is really excellent, really have nothing at all that I would um that I would have an issue with, in our dealings with them. They've been really, really brilliant.

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