Bill Savellis, Pak Digital Video Testimonial

February 11, 2024

Find out how PAK Digital increased revenue by 50% for this established Financial Adviser, based in Sydney.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bill Savellis, Director | Olive Grove Financial Advice

What problems were you trying to solve with PAK Digital's marketing solutions?

Bill Savellis: I'm an Aged Care Financial Adviser and and I've been running my own practice now for the last 16 years. What I found over that time is that whilst I'm a, what I would consider a good Aged Care Financial Adviser my focus is generally on making sure that clients are happy, that I spend quality time with clients, and that I can deliver the best advice that I can. One of the things, one of the challenges I had in providing those outcomes to clients was that I wasn't spending enough time with marketing and I didn't necessarily have a well thought out marketing strategy. So I recognised that and I approached PAK Digital, specifically Paula who helped me put in place a marketing strategy. What I've seen as a result of that is that the number of leads that I've been able to generate, the number of people calling in seeking my services has dramatically increased. And a flow on benefit from that is that I've also been able to get a lot more referrals from those clients because they come in, they're happy with the service and then they go on, and refer me to other people. So we've seen a compounding effect as a result of that, which I'm obviously very happy with.

Describe your overall experience with PAK Digital.

Bill Savellis: My experience with PAK Digital, specifically with Paula has been fantastic. I've been working with Paula and her team now for the last two years. I would say that the issue that I had previously is that I didn't necessarily have a well thought out marketing strategy and we do have that in place now. What I've seen in terms of actual numbers is that we've seen an increase in revenue by about 50%. And that's obviously a phenomenal result which I'm very happy with. They've helped me put in place a clear marketing strategy and we meet at least monthly to, to ensure that that marketing strategy is continually refined and that we're living up to the standards set within that marketing strategy, which is obviously something I wasn't doing prior to meeting with with PAK Digital.

Which marketing solutions do you rely on PAK Digital to implement?

Bill Savellis: The services that I use from PAK Digital is that we have in place a Google campaign which is continually refined. That is obviously focusing on a particular target market. And, and has proven to be quite I think profitable because it's been able to provide me leads and we were able to provide me leads very early on and they continue to deliver on leads. The other service that I use from PAK Digital is focusing on various types of services such as maintaining the website, and continually refining the website. Article marketing. So continuing to write articles that we promote, to promote the services that I offer. Getting me on podcasts so that I can be known as a leader in the target market that I'm focused on. And obviously SEO which is about making sure that whatever we do gets filters through Google so that it continually comes up whenever people either mention the target market that I'm on or, mention my name. So there's a few different things that PAK does. They've always got ideas on additional things that we can do. And so we are slowly rolling out those different initiatives over time and I'm sure it will get me some fantastic results.

Would you recommend PAK Digital and why?

Bill Savellis: I would certainly recommend PAK Digital. Paula and her team. They have, for my business, helped me grow my business dramatically over a two year period. And that's obviously been a blessing for the business. But in addition to that, which is obviously what everyone would be expecting from their marketing team, they are just good people to work with. They care. They'll take interest in your business and they will work to get the results that you need. And so above and beyond just getting just the results, I would also say that they are just fun and caring and good people to work with. So I would definitely recommend them.

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