PACE Drivers Testimonial

September 28, 2023

Video Transcript


Jason: Hello, I'm Jason Los out in Pocatello, Idaho. I was driving for another company hauling hazardous waste and going out of town a lot with a wife and two young Children at home. I really wanted to find something where I can be home daily. And I saw this ad that Pace was running for a delivery driver in my hometown. I was a little skeptical. At first, I'm not going to lie, you know, temp agency and all that. I was like, oh, but something told me, let's see what mckenna has to say and she was great communication, very friendly professional. She assured me once I do my certain amount of hours that I would be hired permanent and that's exactly what happened. She was always checking up on me like every month or two just to keep in touch and see how everything was going. And if I liked my job or not, and I loved it. To be honest with you, I was like, man, I'm so glad I did that ever since I moved to Pocatello three years ago, this is the best thing I've done besides buying my house and I'm very thankful for it and mckenna is awesome if I know anybody, you know, and I ever see a pace and I'd call mckenna and let them talk to each other do for her and pace. Legit. Thank you for everything.

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