PACE Drivers Testimonial

January 04, 2024

Video Transcript


Bill: I was recruited by Nicky out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Bill: a logistics driver manager and it's been a game changer in my career, my family's life and, uh, just in general, great because since then, uh, I've communicated with Nicky on several people I've interviewed and hired and I'll tell you what, I have. Four of the best guys pace has ever seen working for me through Pace with Wolf Logistics in Denver, Colorado. I couldn't ask for more. She's timely on the email returns. Also, when I need to talk to her, she does call me or she calls back. So I can't say enough good things about pace. Um, as far as that goes, I can only go by my experience with her personally. And all the guys I have their recruiters, Ashley, they seem very happy with uh pace because I do touch bases with them weekly on how that's going. Or there's anything I can do to facilitate any problems or concerns they may have. And um no, it's been a great experience for them also. So just want to let you guys know as

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