Candidate Experience Testimonial

October 02, 2023

Video Transcript


Bill: Hi, my name is Bill Brueland I was recruited by Nicky out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Bill: I highly recommend Pace. Um, I like to know about is my experience and my driver's experience. I've been driving a long time and I've never used a temporary company to get a job. What's over a CD L driver, but I've been in safety now off now, the truck for quite a while, but from what I see with Pace, um, I wouldn't look any further guys. Uh, I've had several people, red line. I think it was one another one. Come to my office. Give me the cars trying to sell me that they're 10 base C and they can hire any driver I need. Uh, the will isn't broken here. I'm not trying to fix the, well, it's already fixed. Um, I don't know Ashley out of Denver who my guys have, but I do know Nicky out of Cleveland, Ohio and if she's any indication of, uh, the culture of base, you got hands down, guys have the battles there. They, they, they don't lie to you and I could tell you no story just to get you on board or get you to interview with a company. They, you go in eyes wide open because when I do interview the drivers, one of the first things I say to them is what they tell you. And I'm looking at uh things that I do and Pace is right on the mark.

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