Sean Ross for Oversight Video Testimonials

September 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Sean Ross

How has Oversight benefited you and your team?

Sean Ross: Hi, I'm Sean Ross. I'm a Senior Manager of Asset Protection here at HD Supply. And the question posed is how has Oversight benefited me and my team. It's been quite a bit actually, over the past six years that we've used Oversight. We have really learned how to fine tune it and use it to our benefit. One of the things that we do is we look for policy violations with a big company like ours, making sure that everybody is trained properly on travel policy and submitting expense reports, is difficult. So when we see people breaking policy through their, their submissions, then we can track kind of what departments they're coming from and kind of target some of the training towards those departments so that we have less policy violations going down the road. Oversight allows us to track this and we can see that on a Dashboard, we can see our improvement, and where our weaknesses are as far as our training goes. The other thing that we do is we, we recover a quite a bit of money, from, employees who, inadvertently, most of the time, almost all the time, inadvertently, submit, duplicate expenses. and that those would be payments that would be going to the employee. And if we weren't on top of that, we wouldn't get that money back. Unless the employee was very honest and came forward and said that they got overpaid. So we track that as well and every year we save hundreds of thousands of dollars. So that, that's helped us quite a bit. Another thing that we do is is we work with the finance team, to make sure that the P Cards are

What has been your experience with Oversight as a partner?

Sean Ross: started using the same receipt that his employee was submitting for this expense and he started submitting the expense, fraudulently. After Oversight caught this was showing up as a duplicate expense. it popped up and it, it was a duplicate expense with a different employee. So that was kind of strange because, you know, usually those are just kind of matches that, the, the dollar amount is the same. It's from Hertz rental car, two different employees and you dig into it and it, and it turns out that it's just, you know, two people that travel to the same city on the same dates, you know. but this one kind of stood out because of the dollar amount and, also it didn't seem to make sense that his employee was expensing it and then he was expensing it. so as I dug into that, it was, it became pretty clear that he was defrauding the company. that was a case that we were able to resolve, fairly quickly, without a whole lot of impact to the company. and we were able to take care of the problem. but overall, like love, love Oversight. And I think there's so many facets to it that I wish I could cover in a five minute video, but I can't. I'm sure if you talk to Oversight, they'll fill you in on, on everything that is out there. and something that's not really part of the, any of the questions that I wanted to fit in here. Is that any time I have a problem or a question or anything, the Oversight team is really, they, they just jump on it. They take care of the problem and they take care of us. So that's it. Thanks.

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