October 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Oregon State University

Here at Oregon State University, we implemented Detect by Oversight in 2021 as a result of a major initiative to overhaul our travel and expense program. Historically, we came from a place where we processed all of our travel and expense transactions by paper, paper reimbursement forms, manual processes like that as part of a reimagining of our travel and expense program. We wanted to shift to electronic tools and electronic processing. A fundamental goal of ours through that process was to shift to a post monitoring philosophy for reviewing our travel and expense transactions which led us to implementing Detect by Oversight as a key analytics and auditing tool to help us achieve those goals. We first implemented the tool. It was a, it was a situation where we really didn't know what we were doing to be honest. We had never really done post monitoring activities before we were very used to our accountants reviewing every single paper reimbursement form with the ability to return or reject reports based off of any criteria. We, we came up, we needed to come up with. but we also had dedicated a substantial number of resources to that process and we really needed to get smarter and more efficient with what we were doing. And so the Detect by Oversight allowing us to configure analytics based off of high risk transactions and state of the art, Insights really allowed us to reduce the number of employees that we have dedicated to monitoring our travel and expense transactions. So we've really seen, we've gone from 30 plus employees dedicated to reviewing travel and expense transactions down to, to four employees at the University. And we have really benefited from the support from the Oversight Team. We reached out to the Oversight team to see if they were interested in helping us evolve our program and refine it and tweak our settings and they were, they were, they were awesome. They jumped right in and we started a meeting to assess our configuration and, and discuss our goals for our program now that we are a little bit more savvy and had our, our feet under us. And it was something that I really appreciated because we don't have um that kind of partnership with a lot of our other vendors. They're willing to, to meet with us and discuss and revise and, and tweak our configuration. A lot of, a lot of situations you get into from a post implementation standpoint and, you don't have a lot of opportunities to really roll up your sleeves and really assess things and configure things.

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