MidYear Birthday 2023 - Part 2

September 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kristin Reichman, VP - Marketing. Kristin Reichman, VP - Marketing. Scott Martin, Director, Data Analytics. John Pascoe, Senior Client Enablement Manager. John Pascoe, Senior Client Enablement Manager. Steve Wagner, Director of Demand Generation. Ashlee Bloom, Director, Client Enablement. David Josef, Director of Professional Services. David Josef, Director of Professional Services. Harry Singleton, Senior Client Success Manager. Jill Sutton. Nathanael LHeureux, Chief Solutions Ambassador. Dhaval Karnatki

Jill Sutton: So, Oversight in one word is oversight an overwhelmingly vivacious, engaged, resilient, smart, insightful, great happy team. That's Oversight.

Dhaval Karnatki: Progressive phenomenal motivated tenacious opportunity, market leader, promising great place to work. Awesome collaborative, creative, welcoming team, knowledge sharing, process driven, challenging, transformative, challenging, innovative, supportive epic.

Steve Wagner: How would I describe Oversight in one word? Dedication.

Harry Singleton: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...indubitably.

John Pascoe: The word I would use to describe Oversight is stewardship.

Scott Martin: One word I would use to describe Oversight is unique.

Kristin Reichman: Magnificent.

David Josef: Favorite memory, Oversight. Most of the new, new people probably don't remember this. But when a new hire was brought on board, we used to do, a stand up where that person would have to get in front of the room and have to tell everybody what their most embarrassing story was. We heard some good ones and we heard some not really, work appropriate ones and I think that is the reason why, we obviously don't do that now.

Ashlee Bloom: My favorite Oversight story has to include Chris Ficquette and him dressing up as Spider-man. And coming into the office, it could have been Halloween. It also could have been a random Wednesday. There was a lot of web slinging going on. It was a very interesting workday.

John Pascoe: I would say my favorite story with Oversight was a team event two years ago where we went to the Braves game, they played the Blue Jays and although they lost, it was still a lot of fun going and walking over to the stadium with everyone. It was the first time we had an in person team event since I had started with the company. My wife was able to join. It was a lot of fun.

Kristin Reichman: Well, I have two favorite stories and they are somewhat funny. They involve the old office on Delk Road. One was we frequently had to have the carpet cleaned and that's not because we were very messy people. It's because for some strange reason, no matter how much you clean this carpet, especially in front of Nathaniel's office. And Nathaniel, you might remember this. There was a mystery stain that kept coming back to the surface every single time. Now, in that same area, there was a sink. Yes. We actually had a sink in the hallway and we often posted do not leave dirty dishes in this sink. This is for washing your hands or whatever it is you needed to do. But it was not for you to leave dirty dishes. But every single day, dirty dishes were left in that sink. And I believe I recall Cooper just posting signs that got bigger and bigger and bigger. Do not leave dirty dishes in this sink. I'm not sure we ever found who the culprit was, but I'm thinking Juan Rios.

Nathanael LHeureux: Hey, I remember in the early days when I first started working at Oversight, there was probably somewhere between 12 and 15 people at oversight. And, and Stan was one of the ones who was here before me. And what attracted me to oversight was the amazing platform and product that could solve, you know, real problems. And I remember in the early days at one point, Stan and I were working on it solving a problem was a little bit of a contest to, to, to win a deal. And uh we spent probably a week or two intensely multiple overnighters. but the work that we did there uh was to create something that ultimately was used to solve a problem for the Department of Navy to reconcile and do a financial audit and reconcile them with the Treasury. This is something that they had not been able to accomplish in 20 years. And using Oversight's technology and hard work of a very focused team, we were able to solve that very difficult problem. So that's one of the things that I love about Oversight. We were on folding tables working hard young and scrappy. but just as then as is now, we're all in the business of solving real world problems that are extremely difficult, and making it happen for our customers. That's one of the things that I love about Oversight.

David Josef: Well, back in the early days prior to insights on demand, there was a lot more traveling done by the technical teams. I recall Ben Labrosse traveling to Census quite often. I was working on the Coca-Cola account when they were a customer for the first time. I remember having to go to Coca- Cola and all the sodas were free. So I'd be bouncing off the walls when I got home from drinking, never ending Mellow Yellows. Obviously, things have changed over the years. People are working from home now you can wear hats and T shirts um As long as you're not on customer calls. So, um a lot has changed but I I very much look forward to, to the future here.

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