Favorite thing about working at Oversight

September 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Binny Amatya, Sr. Client Success Manager. Julia Versaci, Director, Analytics Design and Architecture. Kristin Reichman, VP - Marketing. Christa Johnson, Human Resources Generalist. Scott Martin, Director, Data Analytics. John Pascoe, Senior Client Enablement Manager. Steve Wagner, Director of Demand Generation. Ashlee Bloom, Director, Client Enablement. Brent Jones, VP, Client Experience. Kortnie Vagner, Release Manager. Amy Hanusey, Senior Partner Success Manager. Harry Singleton, Senior Client Success Manager. Nathanael LHeureux, Chief Solutions Ambassador

Kortnie Vagner: My favorite thing about working for Oversight. If I have to pick one thing, it would be the people. I've been with oversight since 2019 and I can't say enough about the relationships and the people I work with. It makes my job worth coming to every day and I feel lucky and fortunate to be a part of the Oversight family.

Brent Jones: Happy Birthday, Oversight. As we celebrate 20 years, I'm celebrating five years as an employee of this great company. As far as my favorite thing about working at Oversight, it's going to sound cliche, but it's the great people I get to work with. I appreciate my team and I appreciate everyone here who brings such passion to their work. Happy Birthday!

Amy Hanusey: Happy Birthday! So my very favorite thing about being at Oversight and I'm new, so about four months in and my favorite thing is probably the willingness to help of everyone as a new employee, and new software, it's can be daunting and it's been amazing to see how everyone has pitched in and offered their help with great patience to help me and get me up to where I need to be. But my absolute favorite thing is probably the support for management and that's my line manager, but also the ones above to really enable me to do what I do best every day. So I am grateful for the culture and the collaboration and the team spirit at here at Oversight.

Ashlee Bloom: My favorite thing about working at oversight is the people.

Steve Wagner: My favorite thing about working at Oversight is definitely the people, everyone that I've engaged with so far has had a genuine passion for both their role and in the mission. And that's made me inspired to want to do my job, to the best of its ability.

John Pascoe: My favorite thing about working at oversight is that I get to work where I work best, but I still have opportunities to go into the office and interact with my team and coworkers in person.

Scott Martin: My favorite thing about working at oversight is our flexible work schedule, which includes working remote and the focus on work and life balance.

Harry Singleton: My favorite thing about working at Oversight is my team. It's the members of not only my core team but also the people I partner with on a regular basis. They're all part of my team and the team that made things happen. This team is truly extraordinary.

Christa Johnson: So what's my favorite thing about working at Oversight? I would definitely have to say the people. The people at this company are the absolute best. So from the bottom of my heart, as an hr person who, who works with the people at this company frequently. Thank you for being who you are and I wish you a very happy birthday Oversight.

Kristin Reichman: My favorite thing about working at Oversight is it is a company whereby you can achieve whatever it is you desire through hard work, effort, dedication, and a little bit of Moxie. There are very few companies out there which really and truly focus on providing individuals with pathways for success. No matter what you choose to do. If you even want to migrate to other parts of the organization, you have that chance to do that within the company. As long as you show great value, tenacity and a desire to learn and of course, be humble in the process. Often you may find that you are given chances to do things in which you had never even thought you would be doing. And those opportunities can completely open doors and offer you with new environments to engage and challenge you in ways in which you just simply cannot often find working for a corporation. And so for that reason, that is my absolute favorite thing about working for Oversight.

Julia Versaci: My favorite thing about working at Oversight has always been the people and I've never worked with a group of brilliant, talented kind and funny people. In all the years that I've been in it, which is more years than I'd like to admit. So I know what a rare and precious thing that is.

Binny Amatya: My favorite thing about working at Oversight is the people and the culture. The people are kind and humble and always willing to help. And the culture is one that fosters teamwork, people coming together and helping each other and just the camaraderie of everyone working at this company is commendable. So I really appreciate that.

Nathanael LHeureux: Hey, well, you know, I can't just answer one thing that I love about Oversight because there's too many. So let me start by saying, I love that Oversight has an amazing technology that solves real problems. And companies like Google built their own, but they say that ours is better. We've solved problems that others had not been able to solve in years. The technology is excellent. Not only that, but I love the team here that we're working with. You know, everybody pulls their weight, they help others competent, working together. It's really an amazing team. I've built friendships over the years that I, I just enjoy working with. I love talking with others in the within Oversight. So it's a team of people who are like family who are working together. And finally, when we have customers who love our solution and, and they love what we do. So, I mean, what, what's not to love? It's a great place to work. I enjoy coming in when you've got a product that solves real problems working with people who you enjoy. And finally the customers love it too. Uh It doesn't get any better than that.

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