Kristin Reichman - story or funny memory

August 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristin Reichman, VP - Marketing

Please share you favorite Oversight story or funny memory

Kristin Reichman: Well, I have two favorite stories and they are somewhat funny. They involve the old office on Delk Road. One was we frequently had to have the carpet cleaned and that's not because we were very messy people. It's because for some strange reason, no matter how much you clean this carpet, especially in front of Nathaniel's office. And Nathaniel, you might remember this. There was a mystery stain that kept coming back to the surface every single time. Now, in that same area, there was a sink. Yes. We actually had a sink in the hallway and we often posted do not leave dirty dishes in this sink. This is for washing your hands or whatever it is you needed to do. But it was not for you to leave dirty dishes. But every single day, dirty dishes were left in that sink. And I believe I recall Cooper just posting signs that got bigger and bigger and bigger. Do not leave dirty dishes in this sink. I'm not sure we ever found who the culprit was, but I'm thinking Juan Rios.

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