David Josef for Oversight All Hands September 2023 - Team members 10 or more years

August 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Josef, Director of Professional Services

Please answer 1 or both of the following questions: What do you remember about the early days of Oversight? What’s changed over the years?

David Josef: Well, back in the early days prior to insights on demand, there was a lot more traveling done by the technical teams. Uh I recall Ben Labrosse traveling to Census quite often. I was working on the coca-cola account uh when they were a customer for the first time. Uh I remember having to go to Coca Cola and all the sodas were free. So I'd be bouncing off the walls when I got home from drinking, never ending mellow yellows. Um Obviously, things have changed over the years. Um People are working from home now you can wear hats and T shirts um As long as you're not on customer calls. Um So, um a lot has changed but I I very much look forward to, to the future here.

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