Karin Beyer for Otsego Community Foundation Video Testimonials

April 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karin Beyer

Donor Advised Funds play an important role in the Community Grant Program.

Karin Beyer: Hello, it's Karen Beyer, director of community philanthropy with O C F. Why are donors important? This year they were more important than ever for the community grant program. We had 37 grant applications totaling over $514,000. And we would like to thank the 12 donor advised funds who collectively put in over $54,000 to help the grant application programs and projects happen. This year was also very unique. We took the one size fits all grant application and made it into four. There is a seed grant, the expansion grant, the Capacity Grant, and also the very important sustaining grant which allows grantees to ask for multi-year funding again. Thank you so much for helping with the endeavors of the community grant program this year. And if you still have spendable, please check the link below or contact me. I'm always available at Karen at, at foundation dot org or by calling me at 9896197273. Thank you and have a great day.

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