? Horses and Cyber Security?

July 23, 2023

What do horses have to do with cybersecurity? Find out the difference between threat detection and risk mitigation through this delightful analogy.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Oscar Arnoldson

What do horses have to do with OT cyber security?!

Oscar Arnoldson: Hi, I'm Oscar Arnoldson with OTORIO. So, what do horses and cybersecurity have in common? Uh, here at OTORIO, we believe that what the two have in common is risk, right? And I'd like to use a horse analogy to demonstrate the differences between threat detection and risk mitigation. So, threat detection tells you that a horse who's in stall three has escaped and left the barn and you should go look for that horse and see how this happened. Uh, when a risk based approach is employed. Um, it tells you that there's meant to be a horse in stall number three, but it's empty and the horse has escaped and left the barn. And did you know that that horse had escaped? Uh, there's also a horse in stall 19 and the door is closed but it's not locked. And what's the likelihood of that horse escaping? Is it high? Is it low? And is this an acceptable risk? So, really when it comes to a risk based approach in security, how it differs from threat detection is understanding the impact of the risk on safety and efficiency and operations. And not only that there is a risk, but what to do with that risk and how to mitigate it moving forward, not just detecting it and alerting on it.

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