Industry insiders: The Vital Role of OT Security in Oil & Gas Operations

April 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kay Ernst, Regional Sales Director DACH

How does OTORIO help monitor OT systems to detect vulnerabilities or other security incidents?

Kay Ernst: So it all starts with gathering information about everything that's existing in your production plan. Our technology then takes this information and returns the following five things. First of all, visibility into everything that's existing in your production environment, both O T assets as well as I T assets, as well as I O T and I I O T assets as well as the security controls that are in place. Secondly, it provides information about the vulnerabilities that are existing in your environment. Thirdly and this is where it's getting big. It provides information, it shows you the actual risks that you have in your particular environment. What do I mean by that? For example, a vulnerability that is exploitable because your firewall with your firewall rules and your network infrastructure allows its exploitation as a logical consequence. Advice is being given on how to mitigate those risks. And since our technology has such a detailed knowledge about um the devices in your environment, it can as well check against the compliance catalogs. 62 443 I E C 62 443 and nest 800

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