Rachel McClusky on Otis AI

October 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel McClusky, Creator of Recharge Method Class, Founder of @rechargewellnessco

Tell us about your experience with Otis. Share as much info as you want!

Rachel McClusky: I can truly not say enough good things about Otis. They have helped me so much. First I had no idea where to start. I worked with another company before and we had absolutely no returns and it just didn't feel like we were clicking and Otis helped me from start to finish. They helped me figure out who my demographic was. They set up my as I am not super creative. So they were really helpful to make sure that we created something together that would catch the eye of the person that I was trying to bring to my website and I really felt like my ads performed well. People came to my website and I felt like it was money well spent. I am not tech savvy, I am not incredibly creative in the ad space and they just took care of everything that I didn't feel like I could do myself. I could not recommend them enough.

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