Evan S. Brown on Otis AI

October 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Evan S. Brown, Business Strategist, Evan S. Brown Enterprises

Tell us about your experience with Otis. Share as much info as you want!

Evan S. Brown: Hey, it's Coach EV I'm an Atlanta based business and branding strategy. So listen after years of investments, after years of putting so many doll agents in my marketing until my digital ads, I finally found Otis and guess what? It made all of that so much easier. I have been able to scale and utilizing my time on things that matter the most, like my clientele, my programming, all because Otis ai handles all of the heavy lifting as I call it. But digital marketing for me, the five minute set up process, the five minute upload process. But to know that my products and my services in my posts are going around the world and all I have to do is do what I'm supposed to do or do what I love to do has made everything so much easier and so much more effective and has brought me new clientele and new money. So if you're looking for something that'll help you grow your business and scale your business and give you your time back Otis ai is it check it out?

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