Skincare Product Testimonials Flawless Face Serum and Day & Night Face Cream

May 06, 2023

Organic Skin care product review, Face Serum and Face Cream. All natural cleansing of the skin.

Video Transcript

Describe your experience with your favorite Organic Body Éssentials skincare product (or products).

Hi, my name's Carla Hoak. I've been using OBÉ products for about the last eight months. I would highly recommend them to anyone that's having issues with their skin or even if they're not. I've been using the Flawless Face Serum and the Extreme Face Cream day and night. I've had problems with acne from preteens clearing up into my adult life. I've even had cysts on my face but this product is amazing. My skin is so much better, my pores are smaller. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that's having any kind of issues with their face. Thank you.

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