Skincare Products Testimonials: Therapeutic Gel, Radical Repair Cream & Terpenes

May 06, 2023

Customer review of organic skincare products including the amazing Therapeutic Gel, Radical Repair Cream & Terpenes

Video Transcript

Hi. So these are my OBÉ products that we are using the Terpenes and the Gummies. The Intense Therapeutic Gel, I'm using that, My husband's using that. He hasn't had any problems with inflammation and gout since he started on the Gummies, two months ago and, the Terpenes the Therapeutic Gel, my cousin just started that four days ago. I ordered some for her because she had chronic pain that nothing was helping sciatic and, she just couldn't get any relief. So she's thrilled because it's only been four days and it's already helping her tremendously! We look forward to it continuing to improve. The Radical Repair Cream I can't say enough good about that either. I'm just looking forward to switching all of my beauty products and everything over to the OBÉ and so far just happy. Thankful for you guys. Y'all pray over your products and they work so I can't say enough good about them. Just appreciate you so much.

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