Taylor Anderson's Skincare Product Testimonial

April 14, 2023

Organic Body Éssentials Skincare Product Testimonial with Taylor Anderson - Supreme Face & Body Brown Sugar Scrub and Facial Toner

Video Transcript

Speaker: Taylor Anderson

Describe your experience with your favorite product(s).

Taylor Anderson: Some of my favorite products are going to be the organic Body Scrub. It smells really good and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and I especially loved to use that when I was pregnant... just to do a little bit of self care, I feel like we don't get enough of that when we're pregnant. And the other thing I really loved was the Facial Toner because it wasn't super harsh, it didn't dry my skin out, and other toners tend to make my skin feel really dry and almost flaky or be really harsh and almost burn and this toner does not do that at all. So I really loved it.

What makes Organic Body Éssentials different?

Taylor Anderson: Something that makes Organic Body Éssentials different is that it's family owned. These women really love the products that they do, and they care about people's skin and not putting lots of chemicals or things that are going to be irritants into their products. They only use the best stuff. And when you email them you're actually emailing a person, and you don't get that a lot of times with companies these days.

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