Susan Totilo for Skincare Product Testimonials

April 29, 2023

Face Serum and Face Cream customer testimonial review of organic skin care products.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Susan Totilo

Describe your experience with your favorite Organic Body Éssentials skincare product (or products).

Susan Totilo: Hi, I'd like to describe my awesome experience with Organic Body Éssentials. I use the Extreme Face Cream day and night and I use it in combination with a Flawless Face Serum. I literally put just a dab on my finger and a couple drops of the oil and it just goes on so nice and it has made my skin just so soft. And the fact that it's made with all natural products, I have very sensitive skin. I've actually have vitali which is a loss of pigment. So I have no protection from harshness. My skin is especially dry. So doing the oil with the cream has really made a difference in keeping my skin youthful. Also I think what sets apart the product and makes it different that is specifically beneficial to me is that it's all natural, first of all, but one natural ingredient that is a natural sun guard is red raspberry extract, which is in both products. So it's really been a lifesaver for me protecting me from the sun. I'm staying youthful, people can't believe the age that I am, I'm not telling. But just the fact that that red raspberry extract is in there has really been life changing for me to protect me from the sun which is critical for me. So I just want to thank the founders and makers of Organic Body Éssentials.

What makes Organic Body Éssentials different?

Susan Totilo: Hi, it's me again. Just to talk about what sets apart Organic Body Éssentials. I just think as a company, they exhibit a lot of integrity in their product. And I love the fact that the founder and maker was just inspired by the Lord actually. And it's really been a Heavenly blessing for me. As I mentioned in the previous video for me, specifically the red raspberry oil, essential oil that's in both products. The cream and the serum are natural sunscreens. And so it's really saved me from having to gaup on sunscreen to protect my face because of the natural red raspberry oil. And that's really been a blessing. It's made my skin healthier too. So I'm very thankful for um this company and just their integrity and the way that they create their products as organic and all natural and they stand by their product. It's I've had wonderful success with it and I'm very, very grateful. Thank you.

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