Organic Body Éssentials Flawless Face Serum Testimonial

April 27, 2023

Skincare review of Organic Body Éssentials Flawless Face Serum for scars and Intense Therapeutic Gel for pain relief.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sabrina Brown

Describe your experience with your favorite Organic Body Éssentials skincare product (or products).

Sabrina Brown: Hi, my name is Sabrina and I have been using Organic Body Éssentials products for at least six or seven years now. It's the only skin care line I use from my face to my feet. I just am obsessed with every single product. There's really nothing better, I have not needed to use anything else. I especially love any of the face care products... the Facial Toner, the Makeup Melt Face Wash, the Face Mask is amazing, and I also really love the Intense Therapeutic Gel for any time I have sore muscles or even aches in my knees and stuff like that. It's like the best version of, like, an 'icy hot' kind of product, but it's all natural. I even sometimes will use that on my chest if I have a cold. It kind of helps just, kind of clear out my sinuses a little bit with the menthol and ingredients that are in that. But for this review, I am going to focus on the Flawless Face Serum. This might be my ultimate favorite product. It is small but very mighty, and a tiny bit goes a long way. I'm almost out of this bottle now, but this has probably lasted me two months, maybe even a little longer and I use this on my face. Sometimes I alternate morning or night. It's great because it actually has red raspberry oil as the first ingredient, which acts as a natural SPF. So I do like wearing this during the day for some sun protection. (Totally natural sun protection). There are only natural, organic ingredients in this super, super rich blend of oils. It also includes Frankincense and Myrhh, which is just so cool. Those oils are just super good for healing and scar reduction, and that has been my favorite aspect of this product. I use it on any scar or even as my tattoos are healing. It has just healed them so, so beautifully. And I get questions all the time about what I use for healing my tattoos. But, specifically, I used this product on a big scar on my leg that was a deep dark purple, just not very attractive looking blemish on my leg and it was like that for about a year before I started using this product directly on it and it completely minimized the scar like crazy. It's not gross, so I'm gonna show you really quick on my leg here... You can see this big kind of circle here and that used to just be a deep dark purple. It was very noticeable, and now it's like the same color as my skin. You can hardly tell, and this is the only thing I used on it. It does the same for scars on your face, acne scars, blemishes... I just cannot recommend this enough. You totally have to have this in your cupboard.

What makes Organic Body Éssentials different?

Sabrina Brown: So what really makes Organic Body Éssentials different is the ingredients that are in every product. You can pick up so many different beauty products off the shelf these days, even luxury, really expensive brands... and if you look at the list of ingredients (and then look up what they mean because you usually have no idea what those ingredients mean), it can be kind of shocking what is in products that we put on our skin every day. Our skin absorbs everything we put on it, so I'm very aware of what I'm putting on my skin. And all of the ingredients in every product are just so intentional and as clean as can be and the results speak for themselves. It's a no-brainer!

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