Skincare Product Testimonials

April 28, 2023

Mega Antioxidant Face Mask, Hydrosol & Brown Sugar Body Scrub customer testimonial review of organic product/

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mariah Wannberg

Describe your experience with your favorite Organic Body Éssentials skincare product (or products).

My name is Mariah and I use the Organic Body Éssentials line. I love everything. The Mega Antioxidant Face Mask is incredible. I have eczema around my mouth and my nose. I haven't been dealing with these issues any time recently since I've gotten on a good face routine. So like I said, the Anti Oxidant Face Mask, I like the Hydrosol as my toner. I also use it in my hair to keep my hair shiny and I kind of go back and forth between the face cream when I'm feeling a little extra dry and the Face Serum when I just want that really luxurious feeling. It's very silky and a pretty light but still deeply hydrating. So love all of the products. Literally couldn't say enough good things. Also, the Brown Sugar Body Scrub have to have it and it's hard to stop the Silky Smooth Face Scrub. I love it any time I shave, I love to use the scrub even though it's for your face, it just has a really sweet super hydrating texture to your skin. So highly recommend and I know you'll enjoy too! Thank you.

I would say the biggest difference with Organic Body Éssentials is the ingredients. Absolutely. I feel relieved using the products. I feel like my skin is really getting what it needs and it's like food for your skin. It's a really beautiful product line. The difference that I feel in my skin's ability to really absorb the, the nutrients and the hydration properties that uh the products carry is just, it's completely different than anything else. I've never had my skin hold in the hydration like it does with the, the Face Serum and the Face Cream, I just really feel like it's a huge difference. So that's what makes it different above and beyond.

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