Lisa Taranger for Skincare Product Testimonials

February 29, 2024

Customer testimonial review of our Organic CBD Oil and Elite Elixir immunity boost oil.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Taranger

Describe your experience with your favorite Organic Body Éssentials skincare product (or products).

Lisa Taranger: Hi, my name is Lisa Taranger, and I just want to share my experience with the OBÉ products. First of all, I have two that are my absolute favorite. The first one is the OBÉ (Extreme) Terpenes. We absolutely have enjoyed using this. It has helped us so much. We find that after a hard workout, it helps with joints, knees, inflammation, and it gives us a lot of relief. We also love to travel with this product. We spend a lot of time on flights and just sitting around in business meetings. It's excellent to combat all the different aches and pains that you experience over having a long trip. And so, we love the terpenes! And then my other product, I would hold it up if I had it, but we just ran out, and it is... incredible. Absolutely incredible. And that is the... I just got the email about the Elite Elixir. And let me tell you about the Elite Elixir; that is an AMAZING product. We love the Elite Elixir, and we have found that that product will boost your immune system, it will fight off all sorts of different colds and infections. And any time I have the first sign of any sort of sniffle, or tightening of the throat, or just fatigue, I will take [the Elite Elixir], and within 24 hours it just knocks it out cold. And that is why I'm out of it, and I'm ordering more, but it is one of my favorites. And we haven't found anything else out there that works as well as that Elite Elixir. And so I'd highly recommend that you get your hands on that and also on the Extreme Full Spectrum Hemp Extract of the Extreme Terpenes, and you are going to love these products.

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