Lisa Quigley for Skincare Product Testimonials

May 13, 2023

Customer testimonial review of Organic Body Éssentials Extreme Day & Night Face Cream.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Quigley

Describe your experience with your favorite Organic Body Éssentials skincare product (or products).

Lisa Quigley : Hi Vickie! This is Lisa. I live in California. I live on a ranch and I'm a gardener and I clean houses. I'm also 56 years old and I wish I would have found your stuff years ago. It would have saved my face anyway. I'm clean and wet and ready for my secret weapon here. Try to show everybody. It's the, it's a Extreme Day & Night Face Cream. This stuff is amazing. A little dab goes a long way. I love it cold out of the refrigerator. That's really amazing. But I'll tell you what, because I'm out in the sun all the time. And I'm always in chemicals and wow, when I get it on my face, my face just, I'm doing my face soaks it in. I use my cuticles to rub it in because even though it's not attractive to watch my cuticles are so thankful. Look at these nails, horses, gardening house cleaning. This is a miracle itself just to have the nails. So I recommend everybody rub it in with the backs of your fingers and don't waste any of it. It soaks right in and, oh my God, my face is totally saying. Thank you. So I'm saying thank you to you, Vickie. Your products are amazing. I hope those younger ladies out there catch on to this quick. Don't wait till you're my age because it could have really saved me a lot of trouble, but I'm sure glad I found it now. You're a blessing. Thank you.

What makes Organic Body Éssentials different?

Lisa Quigley : Hi. I want to tell you what makes this Organic Body Éssential skin cream different. First of all, my face says it's ready. It receives it willingly and thankfully and by rubbing it in with the backs of my cuticles, I have grown the most beautiful set of nails, all 10 of them, which is a miracle. I started doing that. I've probably been on this stuff about a year on my face and my hair is a little bit wet. Here's another hot tip for you ladies. If you have those wild hairs just on the top there, this will settle them right down. Does not make your hair greasy. I haven't finished drying it yet, but it'll tone down those wild ones that try to go crazy. So it's all around an amazing product. I can't thank you enough and keep in the refrigerator when it's nice and cold feels so good.

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