Kosha Price for Organic Body Éssentials Testimonials

February 29, 2024

Customer testimonial review of Organic Skin Care product Flawless Face Serum moisturizer.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kosha Price

Introduce yourself, and describe why you chose Organic Body Éssentials.

Kosha Price: Good morning. My name is Kasha Price and I love, it's hard to choose just one product, but my favorite is the Flawless Face Serum. It's got frankincense and myrrh and baobab and jojoba and there's so many good ingredients in it, but it's also so great for anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammation... it's really good for scars and I just feel like my skin has just healed, it looks better. It's nicely moisturized and I just feel good. And it smells good! So it's not overpowering, it's just a really nice organic, clean feeling product. And it's also good for sun protection. So there are so many great things about those products and I just, I love OBÉ! I love it! So thank you so much for making it. And I was gonna put it on while I'm on here so you can see the difference in my skin. So I just freshly washed it, and I use the Makeup Melt Face Wash and then I used the Toner and I'm gonna use just a little bit of the serum. I like more of it at night, but just about three little drops and I'll just put on... I love it for my neck, as we're aging. It's really nice for anti-aging. And then I love it especially on my areas where I feel like it gets more dry. So this... it's amazing. Thank you.

What has been your experience with our product(s)?

Kosha Price: My experience with OBÉ has been just... I just love the feel, like it just melts into your skin and it just really becomes one with my skin. It feels so amazing, I don't even know it's there. But my skin doesn't feel dry and it just feels refreshed and replenished and I feel like it gives me a nice glow without it being, like shiny, sweaty, skin face. It's just a really wonderful experience. So, I don't know if you can tell from my last video. I just applied a light a little bit of makeup and I just feel like my skin is just really naturally where it needs to be, and I feel good. For my age, I feel very blessed. So thank you for your product.

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